Gold price / rate per gram in TRY

Today, 14 Oct 2019, current price of 1 troy ounce(1489.6 USD) and USD rate (5.94 TRY). All prices are shown in Turkish Lira

24 KPurity - 283.94TRY
22 KPurity - 260.38TRY
18 KPurity - 213.19TRY
14 KPurity - 166.31 TRY
9 KPurity - 106.6TRY

For over a century, five companies ran the London Gold Market Fixing Company and set prices through a process conducted by telephone called the “London Gold Fix.” 1 On March 20, 2015, the ICE Benchmark Administration (IBA) took over and replaced the process with an electronic auction system called the LBMA Gold Price. 2 3 The LBMA owns the rights to the process. Several banks, an oversight committee, and a panel of internal and external chair members make up the IBA. Twice daily, at 10:30 AM and 3:00 PM UK Time, the IBA publishes the LBMA Gold Price in US dollars, which serves as a benchmark price for gold producers, investors, consumers, and central banks worldwide. The price of gold is adjusted in real-time based on financial evaluations of anonymous auction rounds run every 45 seconds. When all buy and sell orders and imbalances are within 20,000 troy ounces, the price is fixed.